Important Information: Please Read


You are being evaluated for a neurological dysfunction. During the diagnostic work-up, we may order several tests such as MRI scans, EEG (brain wave test), EMG (nerve and muscle test), VNG (dizziness/balance test), ultrasound, lumbar puncture (spinal tap), blood tests, etc. The specialty of neurology is a bit different from other specialties. A neurologist has to put together the results of all of these tests and then formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan. Since each test by itself is not diagnostic, we will not be calling you after the completion of each test to go over the results. This is probably unlike what you are used to with other physicians.  There are, however, rare exceptions when a test requires immediate intervention, and only on those rare occasions we will contact you to suggest an urgent treatment. You will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment after all of the testing is completed to go thoroughly over the results of these tests, possible diagnosis and treatment plan. You will be given ample opportunity to ask questions at that time.  We strongly encourage you to bring a family member with you, so they also understand your condition.

There is a shortage of medical specialists, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage patients who have Medicare insurance due to a variety of factors. Therefore, we, have instituted new measures that will ensure that patients in Kerrville get the best possible neurological care while reducing the cost of health care.New patients will be seen promptly and after the initial visit, tests will be ordered if clinically necessary. After securing a diagnosis, a treatment plan will be instituted.Once the patient is neurologically stable, patients will be discharged from our care to patient’s primary care physician for ongoing management. Dr. Mehendale will be available to the patient’s primary care physician to answer any questions that come up. If the primary care physician feels that that patient should be seen, they will be seen promptly in our office. In select circumstances, some patients with certain neurological conditions will be followed by Dr. Mehendale. Dr. Mehendale feels that narcotic pain medications and certain controlled substance are over-utilized in our country. As a general rule, Dr. Mehendale will not prescribe narcotic medications on a long-term basis.  

It is necessary for you to keep your follow-up appointment for proper medical care. We do not call and confirm follow-up appointments. If you fail to keep your follow-up appointment, Dr. Mehendale may terminate the physician-patient relationship and may not refill your medications.